Are you looking for a new Parasailing Boat with impressive and aggressive design? Then  Revival Parasailing Boat  is for you! Designed for innovative design and handy boat seekers, Revival Parasailing Boat has many useful features not available on the other boats. Side glass windows and modern spoilers give it a unique beauty while the deep bottom ‘V’ body structure makes this Parasailing Boat ready for any sea conditions. With the optional extended shaded roll bar, guests can enjoy the boat and the sea without being bored by the sun.

Revival Parasailing Boat can also be produced as diving boat or party boat. You can turn the Revival Parasailing Boat into a Diving Boat thanks to the removable swimming ladder and tube sockets added on to the parachute platform. In addition, you can make party on your boat by adding the optional removable sun cushion, table, refrigerator, light system and music system on request. Apart from these, Revival Parasailing Boat can be used as a daily tour boat or as a passenger transfer boat.

In order to use Revival Boat as a Parasailing Boat, a hydraulic parasailing winch system is needed. Badilli yachts can supply all necessary equipments for Parasailing Boat and we can offer you a turn-key solution. We provide all kinds of information and technical support related to parasailing before and after sales. For the beginners of Parasailing business we can give the ”Know – How” clues and train their teams with our professional captains in the best way.

In order to be able to use the Revival Boat as a Parasailing BoatParty Boat or as a Diving Boat, 315-450HP diesel or gasoline inboard motors can be preferred. The drive system can be used with sterndrive, jet drive or V-Drive. Another good feature that separates Revival Parasailing Boat from the other boats is the ability to install an outboard motor. The outboard compatible rear transomes, which can be supplied with 250-350HP twin outboard motors, was designed more for our customers in the Far East and Arab countries. Please contact us to get more information about the Revival Parasailing Boat and to learn Parasailing Boat prices.

If you wish we can transport your Parasailing Boat up to your country. Undoubtedly, carrying boats between countries is a matter that requires professionalism. We work with experienced companies and a certified lashing team, and we get insurance for each transport we carry apart from the ship’s own insurance. We can take this responsibility for you.


Length Overall
10.80 m
Hull Overall
3.45 m
0.80 m
2.100 t
Maximum Speed
45 knots
Cruising Speed
25 knots
Fuel Capacity
200 l
Water Capacity
100 l
Building Material
Styling & Concept
Haci Badilli
Badilli Yachts